Commercial Kitchen Repairs

Commercial Kitchen Repairs

A Commercial Kitchen is made to run and cook at its fullest. When there are too many families and individuals visiting your restaurant on a daily basis, the kitchen work will be more. You have to cook several dishes, do baking, do juice making, and more at that place. But when there is such a high intensity of work in a commercial kitchen, there are higher chances of expecting high repairings of most kitchen equipment.

What if one oven goes down? What if the Gas Burner stops working? And what if the stove is showing no gas? All these situations will lead you to experience low efficiency in working and ultimately lose potential customers when you cannot deliver on time and fulfill orders.

Let Heavy Metal Kitchen Experts know what type of repair you need, and we’ll never disappoint you. In the moment of need, we’ll immediately be at your place to fix or replace that equipment. This fastest service meets all your conditions and is available for any sort of repair and fittings of kitchen equipment.

The Repairing Services HM Kitchen Provides

Our services for commercial kitchens are vast. Even if there is a minor issue in electrical, ventilation, sewerage, or appliances, we’ll provide rapid fixing better than any competitor in the market. HM Kitchen Experts can collectively repair the following things in your commercial Kitchens.

  • Commercial Refrigerators
  • Commercial Kitchen Prep Tables
  • Commercial Deep Fryers
  • Commercial Coolers
  • Commercial Freezers
  • Commercial Ice Machines
  • Commercial Stoves & Ovens
  • Commercial Mixers
  • Commercial Steam Tables
  • Commercial Walk-In Freezers
  • Any other appliance used in the Kitchens.

In addition to these repairing, we also provide the installation, Preventive Maintenance, and required service for the hot-side food preparation equipment. Our additional services include

  • Electrical Repairing
  • Gas Repairing
  • Sewerage Repairing
  • Ventilation Repairing

The Industry Of Commercial Kitchens We Serve

Heavy Metal Kitchens provide these repairs and maintenance for many customers. It doesn’t matter in which part of the industry your commercial kitchen is located; we’ll find you and deliver you the best repair services in town. We currently serve commercial kitchens built in the following places.

  • Commercial Kitchens In Restaurants
  • Kitchens for Corporate Dining Facilities
  • School Kitchens
  • Colleges Kitchens
  • Kitchens in Nursing and Care Facilities
  • Commercial Kitchens In Hospitals
  • Kitchens In Universities
  • SuperMarket Kitchens
  • Prisons Kitchens
  • Country Club Kitchens
  • Commercial Kitchens that provide flight meals
  • Govt. Institutions Kitchens and several others

So, let us know what type of Commercial Kitchen Repair you are looking for, and we’ll be at your doorstep within a few minutes!