Commercial Kitchen Renovation

Commercial Kitchen Renovation

After long-term use, the reliability of your kitchen equipment declines, so renovation and maintenance are essential. Heavy Metal Kitchen experts bring multiple ideas for renovating your existing or newly built Commercial Kitchens. Instead of paying for new equipment every few years, hand over your commercial kitchen renovation and maintenance to Heavy Metal Kitchens.

Renovation: How does it work?

First, we analyze your kitchen and gain insight into the planned renovation and existing equipment. Our team then recommends a plan to maximize the budget and produce a renovation which provides the most benefits for your business:

  • Expanding kitchen area
  • Making kitchen more energy efficient
  • Adding new work areas, cupboards, and required storage
  • Maintenance of utilities and ventilation equipment
  • Replacing flooring
  • Adding new equipment to increase production
  • Meeting the high-end safety standard

We put your commercial kitchen planning and equipment first at Heavy Metal Kitchens.

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Heavy Metal Kitchens is here to help you renovate or remodel any pre-built commercial kitchen. Get fast and affordable renovations that take your space to the next level.

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